$97 New Patient Special: Initial Consultation w/ Complete Health History, Exam, Chiropractic Analysis, X-rays, & Doctor's findings w/ Recommendations! *Excludes Medicare, Personal Injury, & Worker's Comp*

$97 New Patient Special: Initial Consultation w/ Complete Health History, Exam, Chiropractic Analysis, X-rays, & Doctor's findings w/ Recommendations! *Excludes Medicare, Personal Injury, & Worker's Comp*

Shoulder & Arm Pain

Shoulder and Arm Pain in Aurora

Shoulder and Arm Pain with Numbness and Tingling can be detrimental to your everyday life.  Whether it prevents you from completing tasks around the house, picking up your kids or grandkids, or causing delays in your workday we understand that this is something we need to fix at the source so that you can complete your daily tasks efficiently and without aches or pains.

Where does shoulder pain come from?

Shoulder and Arm Pain can be finicky as there are multiple areas where we can look to find the cause of your issues.  Unsurprisingly, the shoulder and arm may not the  actual source of your issues and we have to look elsewhere, using referred pain patterns, to find the source.  

There are injuries which commonly occur to the shoulder including rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, or even impingement.  These can usually be helped with our SoftWave Technology.

The main source of shoulder issues actually stems from Subluxations in the Thoracic Spine, or your midback between your shoulder blades.  When these joints are misaligned, it causes alterations in how your shoulders move which can lead to shoulder pain and injuries.  This is commonly seen in young athletes, physical labor jobs, and desk workers.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

 Chiropractic care can be an effective approach for managing certain types of shoulder pain. Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system, including the spine and joints, and may employ various techniques to address shoulder issues: 

  1. Adjustments: Precise manual adjustments to the spine and shoulder joints to improve alignment and reduce inflammation.
  2. SoftWave Therapy TRT: This helps to break up scar tissue, promote the influx of Stem Cells, and revitalize the affected area by stimulating blood vessel growth to heal the injury fast.
  3. Active Release Technique (ART): A manual Therapy that works by applying targeted pressure and tension to soft tissues in order to alleviate restrictions, reduce scar tissue build up and promote optimal range of motion.
  4. Stretches and Exercises: Prescribing specific exercises to strengthen muscles and improve shoulder mobility.
  5. Posture Correction: Addressing poor posture and providing guidance on ergonomics and daily habits to prevent shoulder strain.

Young Athletes and Shoulder Pain

Young athletes are susceptible to shoulder pain and injuries due to various factors related to their physical activity and growth.  Commonly, overuse injuries, skeletal imbalances, muscular imbalances, and altered biomechanics can lead to shoulder issues.  Early identification of musculoskeletal imbalances from your local Aurora Chiropractor can save your young athlete from shoulder pain and injuries and improve their performance on the field.

T4 Syndrome

T4 Syndrome is something that was coined by the retired St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams Chiropractor, Dr. Ralph Filson D.C.  Dr. Filson was the Chiropractor for both teams in the 90's and early 2000's.  Dr. Filson worked with Mark McGwire, David Eckstein, Joe Torre, and many other notable players and coaches in St. Louis.  

Through his experience, he found that the Thoracic Spine played a huge impact on shoulder mobility and shoulder injuries.  More specifically, he found that when the T4 vertebra was misaligned, pitchers tended to throw the ball high in the zone.  If you know baseball, you know that's not good.  He found that by adjusting these athletes, he could improve their performance on the field and recovery off the field.  

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